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Web Developer

UX/UI Designer

System Engineer

Crafting unique digital products and web experiences is my expertise, making the online world accessible to everyone. Let's collaborate to build a more inclusive digital landscape.


I am a person who has a lot of passion for the world of technology and I recently got my degree in Systems Engineering. During the last years of my career I was self-taught in depth training in web development, interface design and user experience. I am responsible, curious and detail-oriented, as well as being able to function as a team under pressure and by objectives.

My focus is fullstack web design and development and I keep up with the latest news, trends and updates in the web environment. This allows me to implement solid and innovative solutions in every project I do.

Currently, I carry out my work independently and carried out various projects dedicated to both small companies with great aspirations and entrepreneurs who are taking their first steps in the world of technology.

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2021 - 2022

Developer - Municipality of Villa Rivero

Development of a web application focused on the management of regional tourism, describing details such as: Analysis of the problematic situation and development of a new alternative model for the municipality. Use of geolocation for positioning of tourist sites using Google Maps Platform tools. Integration of progressive functionalities through PWA technology.Development, deployment and testing of the system.

Styled Components
July - Dec 2021

Internships at the Military School of Engineering

Computer systems assistant with the main responsibility of managing and ensuring the optimal functioning of operating systems, as well as carrying out the precise and efficient configuration of internal networks. In this role, my focus was on ensuring that operating systems are up to date and fully operational, while working diligently to implement and maintain internal network configurations that allow for seamless and secure connectivity.

Visual Studio
Cisco Packet Tracer
Microsoft Office


2017 - 2022

EMI - Military School of Engineering

I earned a Bachelor's degree in Systems Engineering, equipping me with versatile skills in technology, software development, and complex problem-solving. This knowledge empowers me to contribute effectively to the dynamic field of technology.